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Headquartered in Bangalore, Allergan India Pvt. Ltd. began its operations in 1996 and has attained Market Leader position in ophthalmology since 1999. Allergan India operates in the ophthalmic segments of Pharmaceutical and Neurological Products and is a joint venture of Allergan Inc., USA with Piramal Healthcare (I) Ltd. Our mission is to deliver international quality products, technology and services at affordable "Indian" prices.

Allergan has a dominant market share in the ophthalmic segment and is poised for further growth with massive expansion plans in India involving increased coverage and launch of exciting new products. There is a huge opportunity for people who value MNC exposure, product launches, building brands & working in a professional environment.

Currently Allergan India is rated as one of the finest organizations to work with, both in terms of professional and personal growth. Training and development is a key focus area of the human resource policy of Allergan India. Allergan has one of the best-trained Sales and Marketing team in the healthcare Industry with quality sales force training by in-house personnel as well as by International faculty.

Joining Allergan will provide a platform to reach ones full potential and fulfill his/her career aspirations. Allergan has an excellent track record of providing growth opportunities. The environment in Allergan fosters and supports a positive work ethic, transparent operations and mutual trust.